Danzan Ryu jujitsu is a martial art. A martial art can be defined as weaponless self defense. Knowing this, please keep the following in mind:

* Safety comes first – although class is run with safety in mind, jujitsu can be dangerous – it is a self defense art.
* Show up to class on time – if you are late, please wait on the side of the room until you are acknowledged and requested to join the class.
* Be courteous and respectful to your instructor and fellow students – regardless of rank.
* Wear your gi (uniform) or for beginners, clothes that you do not mind if they get stretched out or ripped.
* Leave jewelry and other valuables elsewhere
* Be hygienic – clean hands and feet, uniform, etc. – jujitsu involves a lot of close contact. Cleanliness shows respect to yourself, fellow students, teacher and your school.
* Should you need to leave the class for any reason, please notify the instructor.
* Notify instructor of any prior injuries or medications that would possibly impair your performance or exacerbate a previous condition. Failure to do this is grounds for dismissal.
* No drugs or alcohol – period. If you are suspected of being intoxicated, you will be dismissed immediately.
* Everyone learns from everyone. Students will learn from the teacher, as well as other students the same as the teacher will learn from the students.
* Bow upon entering and leaving the room – this is a sign of respect for the dojo and those who have trained there.
* Whoever is teaching the class is the instructor. From time to time you may see guest instructors doing a technique somewhat different than you may have seen it. There are many variations to a technique – see how they do it and learn from it.
* Do not eat before class. Jujitsu can be physically intense.
* You will not teach techniques learned in class to those outside of class without express permission of the instructor.
* Visitors are welcome to watch a class as long as it does not interfere with training with approval from the instructor. Please introduce all visitors to the instructor.
* Please notify the instructor of any absences. Prolonged or frequent absences can interfere with your progress.
* While class can be fun, it is also serious. Goofing around and/or resisting the technique will not only take away from your training and become frustrating to you and your partner, but can cause serious injury.
* If you have previous martial arts training, open your mind to what is being presented in this class. It is hard to let go of what you know, this is true. It is important for your progress and that of your classmates to leave opinions and , attitudes and habits outside the class. There is a story that goes with this, ask the instructor about it.
* Bring your notebook and take notes. After class is over is the best time to write down what you learned.
* If you have questions on material presented in class, it is your duty to ask.
* Failure to comply with these regulations may result in dismissal from class.
* Neither Colorado Kodenkan LLC, nor it’s students are bound by contract, class attendance is considered an at will agreement and can be terminated by either party at any time, for any reason, with or without notice. The decision of Colorado Kodenkan LLC management is final and may not be disputed.
Class will begin with warm-ups, followed by practice of new techniques as well as review of previous techniques. Practice will be in groups as well as 1 on 1 with another student or your instructor.

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